Maths Test For Kids

Maths Test For Kids for Windows

Maths tests and science help for children and adults

Maths tests and science help for children and adults practice addition & multiplication, Subtraction

Practice addition, Multiplication, Subtraction by taking tests. There is a speed test on the multiplication where by you see how many you can get right in a specified amount of time. Maybe you prefer to start at level 1 and just progress through the levels. These tests start at very basic to very difficult..

You will find a talking times tables chart, and an addition chart built in. I have also included a periodic table, the idea with the periodic table is to guess what the element stands for then press the button to see if you are right.. I have built in some conversion software which I am updating all the time. There is a roman numerals chart to test yourself,

I am creating a section on shapes which will show you how to work out the areas of different shapes. I am also creating a section on the solar system which will give you basic information about the planets around us that we a know about. You will find my email link built in to the software so users will be able to contact me if they have ideas regarding this software.I have plenty to do but value everyones feedback.

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Maths Test For Kids


Maths Test For Kids

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